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What skills does LEVRA coach?

LEVRA trains Human Skills crucial in the workplace that often employees and young professionals have not had the opportunity to develop, including Active Listening, Working in a Team, Asking for Feedback, Emotional Intelligence.

Who designs the content?

LEVRA works with a team of psychologists and behavioural scientists to create its interpersonal communication skills coaching. We are focused on creating real behavioural change.  

How do you transfer learning into behaviour change at LEVRA?

Our programmes are underpinned by 6 key learning principles:

  1. Learner centric design
  2. Emotional resonance 
  3. Virtual embodiment
  4. Adaptive practice 
  5. Real-time feedback
  6. Self-awareness 

Through these learning principles and our effective programme design, behavioural changes stick. Learning is transformed into changes in attitudes, habits, behaviours, and more effective Human Skills.

What makes LEVRA unique?

1. LEVRA Human Skills Framework:

Using behavioural science research we have developed a framework measuring the communications baseline of your employees. We can measure how the Human Skills of your employees improve whilst undertaking our coaching programmes.   

2. Bite-sized content:

All of our content is delivered in short, sharp burst, targeting critical interpersonal skills that young professionals are lacking in the workplace.  

3. Engaging mediums:

The LEVRA coaching content is delivered through innovative and immersive mediums including virtual reality (VR).  

How long is a coaching module? 

A whole module, composed of 5 Steps, takes 30 minutes to complete – this is because we are focused on delivering high-impact bite-sized learning.

For the VR component, what headsets are used?

Although many headsets are compatible with LEVRA coaching programmes, we use Meta Quest 2 as part of our coaching packages.

Can I integrate LEVRA training with my existing LMS?

Yes, content can be downloaded in a SCORM format and easily intergrated with your LMS system. 

How much does a LEVRA coaching programme cost?

Our pricing is based on per user, per module costing. We customise pricing plans for your needs so please pop us an email and we can provide more details. 

Who does LEVRA work with?

We work with companies that care about the personal and professional development of their people. 

We are not here to win companies over, but to be with companies and help them do what is best for their employees.  

As we know, employees with strong Human Skills form high-performing
teams, become empathetic leaders and more effectively understand the needs of their clients.  

Join LEVRA and give your people the opportunity to thrive. 

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