Human Skills coaching to improve communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills

  • LEVRA Human Skills Framework

    Impact-measurable, backed by research

  • Bite-size multimodal content

    Personalised Content addressing your internal issues

  • Role-play VR sceanarios

    Flexible and engaging

  • Customisable add-ons

    Including in-person workshops and coaching

LEVRA Human Skills Framework

Our psychometric framework has been designed to provide a baseline measuring the interpersonal and communications ability of your employees.

This enables us to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of our Human Skills coaching, transforming the productivity of your company.

Our adaptive and personalised courses provide real-time feedback and skills scores.

Bite-size multimodal content

Access all coaching content through our LEVRA Learn portal including bite-size multimodal visual, auditory, experiential content and quizzes.

Our time-efficient, bite-size content can be accessed anytime, anywhere through a mobile and desktop option, enabling the learner to practice on the go, at their convenience.

The LEVRA tailor-made bite-size content empowers employees at all job levels with the tools to handle
real-world scenarios independently and effectively, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Role-play VR scenarios

Practise customisable role-play VR scenarios with
virtual human characters in a psychologically safe manner.

Employees can learn from experience by practising challenging situations and conversations in virtual environments enabling the learner to practice on the go, at their convenience. 

Experiential learning through VR improves the absorption of skills training, improves employee engagement and confidence. We create company-wide behavioural change and improve social mobility.

Customisable add-ons

1-1 coaching and in-person workshops specific to the needs of your business.


  • faster to gain
    applicable skills

  • confident to

    apply the skills

  • greater emotional connection to the workplace

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced employee retention

  • Less profit lost due to employee turnover

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